At the end of the early stage registration the organizers and the teachers will start screening the received applications according to the details provided through the web form.
Candidates might be contacted by the organizers and asked to provide more information about profiles and/or skills.

The selection process will continue till the official registration closure in order to create progressively a class of maximum 20 Divers.

Applicants selected before the official end of registration will be asked to pay a deposit (20% of the total due fee – according to the profile).

In case of missing deposit the candidate will lose the priority in the selection queue.
In case a selected candidate renounces to participate, a new DIVER will be selected.

The deposit formula allows the organizing staff to assign available seats to people really committed and interested in BIG DIVE and will be not refunded in case of waiver communicated after the closure of registration.

The selected and confirmed participants must complete the payment of the participation before June 2nd, 2017

All the news about selection, exclusion and deposit request will be communicated by email through the email address inserted in the application form.
Candidates can communicate with the organizers through the address


/ A computer science + math background.
/ Python will be used as the main development language.
/ Practical knowledge about HTML, CSS and Javascript.
/ Practical knowledge about Linux operative system and terminal shell.
/ Basic knowledge about databases.
/ Solid statistics background.
/ English is the teaching and conversation language in BIG DIVE. So proper conversation and writing skills are strongly recommended.

Preparatory materials, online courses, books will be suggested at the time of registration confirmation.