BIG DIVE 4th Edition


#DimarGalaxy | The Dimar Galaxy
Team Group: 5 DIVERS
Team Composition: Developer: x1      Designer: x1      DataScientist: x1      Linguist: x1      Analyst: x1
Based on the Dimar dataset, the project investigates if there are any features that allow for differentiating and classifying stores in four groups… See more >


#AthleticSuperiority | Social Network Analysis For Determining Athletic Superiority
Team Group: 4 DIVERS
Team Composition: DataScientist: x1      Designer: x1      NetworkArchitect: X1      Marketing: X1
Using geospatial and contextual data (deltatre dataset), the project explores a football match based on players positions, providing a social network analysis… See more >


#FraudDetection | The Fraud Detection
Team Group: 4 DIVERS
Team Composition: DataScientists: x3      Researcher: x1
The goals of the project, based on Consel | SellaLab Dataset, are to improve the quality of fraud detection, to decrease the need for human analysis of individual transactions…See more >


#TierraProject | The Tierra Project
Team Group: 5 DIVERS
Team Composition: Developer: x1      DataScientist: x1      Designer: x1      Geographer: x1      NetworkSpecialist: x1
The goal of the Tierra project is to explore the dataset about devices errors in order to identify possible correlations and to provide suggestions for future BIG DATA exploitation… See more >