#BIGDATA is moving fast from trending topic to impact and mass adoption. Lots of companies are now ready to unlock the power hidden in their data.

We are in the middle of a digital transformation: data-driven decision making and AI-driven automation are going to completely disrupt mass-production, online services and probably also government actions.

But machine learning and neural networks are still far from replacing the human role. On the contrary, scientific validation, interdisciplinary approach and human experience need to be blended with automatic prediction, theoretical models and algorithmic implementations. Quoting one of the guest speaker in the 5th edition of BIG DIVE – Professor Johan Bollen: ”Don’t focus on the tools, focus on the science”.

Starting from 2016 the BIG DIVE Team offers new opportunities explicitly designed for companies or Public Administration. The goal is to export the full value of the BIG DIVE course within the constraints that enterprises or structured subjects might have. In particular custom training solutions will find the optimal trade-off between internal project deadlines and workload and an intensive in-class training program.

BIG DIVE CUSTOM was born with the specific goals to bring inside companies or local governments all the experience gained in the open version of the course, active since 2012 and now well known in Italy and abroad.

These are the BIG DIVE CUSTOM options currently available:

/ 1 DAY WORKSHOP – Approaching the pillars of BIG DATA and DATA SCIENCE throughout inspiring lectures by experts picked from the BIG DIVE network [no tech or scientific background is required]

/ BIG DIVE EXECUTIVE– The commitment of the management Team is crucial to drive the change towards a data-driven corporation. This 4-5day program (possibly split into different sessions) is the entrance door to the world of BIG DATA and DATA SCIENCE combining a high level technical introduction and a basic business perspective [no tech or scientific background is required / a mix of people coming from different units (marketing, ICT, sales, HR, …) is welcome]

/ BIG DIVE CUSTOM TECHNICAL– the complete version of our BIG DIVE course tailored to the company/ P.A. needs. The traditional 5 weeks of courses might be split into 2-day modules and diluted over months. Specific arguments of interest might be added or tuned on demand [tech and scientific background assessment is required]

/ BIG DIVE CUSTOM TECHNICAL – Would you address your specific productive needs and your brand new-projects with an open approach? We look forward to engaging our Alumni community supervised by our top level teachers on your challenge for an immersive hackathon-like experience.


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