BIG DIVE is an idea of TOP-IX Consortium in collaboration with AXANT, ISI Foundation and TODO.


TOP-IX is a non-profit consortium set up in 2002 with the aim of creating and managing an Internet Exchange for the exchange of Internet traffic in North West Italy. In 2006 TOP-IX launched Development Program to diffuse the use of broadband Internet and to foster innovation by providing support to early stage Internet ventures.



Founded in early 2007 by talented and smart researchers of Turin’s Polytechnic and other professionals with deep experience in innovation and hi-tech fields, Axant mitigates founder’s experties from free software and academic environment into business reality, with truely innovation. Axant follows agile methodologies refined over years to accomplish tasks as accurate as possible within defined timeframes, hence our Just In Time‘s motto.


ISI Foundation
Established in Turin in 1983, the ISI Foundation is an international leading research institution in the fields of complex systems science and the data science. From its offices in Italy and New York, ISI Foundation coordinates the work of dozens of researchers, with an approach strongly oriented to the scientific exchange between different disciplines (physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, social sciences) and important collaborations with institutes, universities and companies.



A next-gen design studio based in Italy and founded in 2007. While designing near-future projects today, Todo focuses on dialogue, exchange and community through the integration of ideas, interactivity and technology.
The outcome is a steady stream of new experiences that question and redefine the relationship between technology, products, services and smart environments for the twenty-first century.