Explore the opportunities for your company or organization. Custom training programs, hiring options and data-consultancy services are based on the experience tested over the years and gained in the open version of the course.


This is the fastest way to approach the pillars of BIG DATA and DATA SCIENCE throughout inspiring lectures by experts picked from the BIG DIVE network. The workshop includes an interactive session using the Data Ring Data Canvas as an effective tool to design and manage a Data Project.

Length: 1 day
Requirements:  no tech or scientific background is required
Target: generic


The commitment of the management Team is crucial to drive the change towards a data-driven corporation. This program (usually split into different sessions) is the entrance door to the world of BIG DATA and APPLIED DATA SCIENCE combining a high level technical introduction and the business perspective.

Length: 3-5 days
Requirements:  no tech or scientific background is required
Target: a mixed class is the best choice, including people from different units (management, marketing, ICT, sales, HR).


This program is aimed to teach technical data skills (DataViz, Data Science and Data Engineering) to people inside the company or organization. Usually it mirrors the traditional open course but it is diluted into 2-day modules over different months. Specific arguments of interest might be added or tuned upon request.

Length: it depends on the skills teached (up to 20 days)
Requirements:  tech and scientific background is required
Target: ICT, developers, computational designers, data specialists, applied data science experts.


Cut the cost and higher fees of a recruiting agency, contact us and jump in fast-track access to the community of our current and past students to find the perfect candidate for your available data positions.


Would you address your specific business issues and your brand new data projects with an open approach? We look forward to engaging our Alumni community (supervised by our top level teachers) on your challenge for an immersive hackathon-like experience.

Bring your data and your goals into open courses or dedicated data events to receive back end-to-end solutions.

Sensible data not relevant to the analysis can be obscured.