BIG DIVE into DataViz

from June 11th to June 15th 2018 | Turin, Italy

Do you love interactive and dynamic online data visualizations?
Are you a designer, visual, graphic, UI/UX who likes to explore and visualize data making them interactive?
Are you interested in the BIG DATA and Data Science?

If you answer Yes to one or more of the previous questions, this course is designed around You.

A modern hands-on approach to data visualization

BIG DIVE into DataViz is focused on exploring the data visualization field through computational design approaches and technologies. By attending the course, the participants create and manipulate data sets, and develop projects that make raw data perceivable through digital experiences.

It is a spin-off of the famous “BIG DIVE – Hacking Development, Visualization and Data Science” program. The course is organized by TOP-IX and TODO. The main teacher is Fabio Franchino (TODO Co-Founder and CTO). TOP-IX designers and coders tutor the students during the course.

What will you learn?

The training is an intensive learn-by-doing educational course featuring hands-on activities and team work. Particularly these are the main topics:

  • exploring datasets by means of accessible tools such as Google Spreadsheet, Raw and DataWrapper
  • prototyping visualizations following the design process and best practices of data visualization theory
  • understanding how to transform a static visualization into a live and interactive tool or story using the web platform and D3.js

D3.js is a powerful JavaScript open source library used by thousands of websites that allows to create custom interactive visualizations running in every modern device through the web platform. It is widely used for online news websites, information dashboards for viewing data, producing maps and it became and essential tool for any designer working with data.

How and where?

Course duration: 5 days from Monday to Friday. Lesson starts at 09:30 and finishes at 16:30. Additional time is reserved for exercises and “homeworks”. An 85% in-class presence is required to receive the final certificate.

Course location: Torino via Maria Vittoria 38 c/o TOP-IX headquarters.

Teaching language: In case of at-least one non-Italian person, lessons will be taught in English. Otherwise Italian will be the teaching language.

Application process and selection criteria

Here’s a timeline of what happened:

March 5th BIG DIVE into DataViz – Registration opening
Apr 8th Early-bird expiring
May 27th BIG DIVE into DataViz – Registration closing
From 11th June To 15th June BIG DIVE into DataViz

The application process started with a self-evaluation of the prerequisites. Course is open to people (18+) from any countries. Optional skills were taken in consideration to create a balanced classroom. Candidates might be contacted by the organizers and asked to provide more information about skills or to attend an interview (in person or using a remote audio-video communication tool).

The selection process started after two weeks from the registration opening and it continued till the official registration closure in order to create progressively a class of maximum 20 Divers. Applicants selected before the official end of registration were asked to pay a deposit (20% of the total due fee – according to the profile). In case of missing deposit (deadline is one week after the request) the candidate lose the priority in the selection queue.

In case a selected candidate renounces to participate, a new Diver is selected. The deposit is not refunded in case of waiver communicated after the closure of registration. All the news about selection, exclusion and deposit request are communicated by email through the email address inserted in the application form.


  • You must be familiar with the basics of HTML, CSS and spreadsheet software.
  • Advanced knowledge in Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop) package, or Open Source equivalent, is required.
  • You have to prove your experience in graphic design projects through a Portfolio.
  • JavaScript language knowledge is considered a nice-to-have skill during the selection process.
  • Participants have to be equipped with a personal laptop (Linux, Mac or Windows is ok). Software to be installed will be communicated before lessons start.

The maximum number of participants is set to 20 people.


The price differs based on the category you fit in:

With proof of full-time student status at the time of application
(Phd Students are also eligible for this profile)
If you are not eligible for Student

Early Price (till Apr 8th)
€ 350

Early Price (till Apr 8th)
€ 500

Full Price (till May 27th)
€ 450

Full Price (till May 27th)
€ 600

The price does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Food and meals
  • Local transportation
  • Travel expenses

A priceless opportunity for kickstart your career as computational designer.

A selection of students were invited to participate, without any additional cost, in the BIG DIVE 7 regular course as lectures attendees and design contributors in the final project.

This opportunity gives the chance to play an active role in a real BIG DATA project working side by side with wanna-be Data Scientists and Data Science experts.

A pleasure not only for the mind…

The venue for the course is a recently renovated space in a beautiful historical building in the center of Turin close to the river.

Turin is one hour from the Alps and two hours from the seaside.

By train you can easily traveling among Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice to celebrate after (or during) the BIG DIVE into DataViz with your classmates!


The deposit is not refunded in case of waiver communicated after the closure of registration.
We do not refund unused portion of the training. However, refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis.