Andreas Masaoutis

In short, I am an economist, with good quantitative skills, a good knowledge of what Data Science is,  experience on how to implement a Data Science project, along with experience of business settings where data can be of value. My path towards data analysis went through my work experience, where I got to appreciate the value of data, and formal training where I got familiar with the tools to handle them. I am proficient in SQL and the Python data analysis ecosystem.

BIG DIVE Sixth edition

Completed by Andreas Masaoutis on July 21st, 2017
5 full-time weeks

/ Week1: visualization workshop about D3.JS
/ Week2: statistics essentials + data storage (MongoDB) + Data Analysis (Pandas, Python Dask)
/ Week3: machine learning (Scikit Learn) + data storage (MongoDB)
/ Week4: network science + Apache Spark
/ Week5: final project based on data-providers dataset