Cecilia Panigutti

My area of expertise is computational and mathematical modeling of complex systems, data mining and machine learning. My backgroung is in physics but during the course of my master degree I had the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary aspects of complex systems regarding biology, economics and social systems. I also had the opportunity to have a first glance at computational epidemiology during my bachelor thesis at ISI foundation. I developed good programming and statistical data analysis skills, which I’d like to use to extract meaningful insights hidden in the data.
I like to challenge myself with new adventures and I’m always willing to learn.

BIG DIVE Sixth edition

Completed by Cecilia Panigutti
on July 21st, 2017
5 full-time weeks

/ Week1: visualization workshop about D3.JS
/ Week2: statistics essentials + data storage (MongoDB) + Data Analysis (Pandas, Python Dask)
/ Week3: machine learning (Scikit Learn) + data storage (MongoDB)
/ Week4: network science + Apache Spark
/ Week5: final project based on data-providers dataset

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