Davide Passaretti

I am always moved by curiosity and strong desire to learn things that may be of the same field, of a similar field, or of a completely other area compared to what I usually do. Everything can come useful, and interdisciplinarity is the key of knowledge and innovation. In the light of this, I deeply enjoy team-working, because in a team various backgrounds and insights show up and everyone can take benefit of them and quickly learn how to face every aspect of a problem.

BIG DIVE Fifth edition

Completed by Davide Passaretti on July 8th, 2016
5 full-time weeks

/ Week1: visualization WORKSHOP on D3.JS
/ Week2: statistics essentials + data storage (MongoDB) + Data Analysis (mapreduce, scientific Python, Spark)
/ Week3: machine learning (Scikit Learn)
/ Week4: network science (NetworkX)
/ Week5: final project based on data-providers dataset

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