Fabio Di Ninno

Software engineer

BIG DIVE 2020 – Module 4 “Deep Dive into Data Engineering”

5-day full-time course completed by Fabio Di Ninno on December 4th, 2020.

Core topics by Corley:

  • Intro to Kinesis DataStream and real-time data services with AWS
  • Data stream persistence with Kinesis Firehose
  • Handle a Data Lake on AWS in Serverless mode
  • Data Lake queries with AWS Athena
  • Athena in depth: formats for Big Data (Parquet)
  • Data Transformation with AWS Glue
  • Serverless Data Transformation: Fargate and Step Functions
  • Data Lake Virtualization with AWS QuickSite
  • Hands-on lab with scripts and via AWS Web Console


Guest lectures:

  • Big Data on AWS by Storm Reply
  • Open Source and Data Virtualization by HPE CDS
  • Big Data: let’s Spark! by Value Partners Digital Technology
  • Scale your data architecture by Storm Reply

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