Hai Dao

I will be finishing PhD in 26 March 2015 and I am looking for an intensive training course afterward to boost data analytics skills in such professional and practical manner. My PhD is dedicated to optical network planning where essential tool is based on graph theory and optimization techniques. Thanks to that, I have come to know the emerging field, and of particular interest to me, network science which encompasses not just computer network but also social, biological one. In the era of big data, by answering questions on how networks are modelled, behaved and evolved, several interesting and hidden patterns will be shown out and I am very interested in those perspectives. This is the new “game” for me and I am very excited to learn and enrich my understanding to be ready to undertake challenging problems.

BIG DIVE Fourth edition

Completed by Hai Dao on July 10th, 2015
5 full-time weeks

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