Luca Barbati

Determinate and adaptable professional with the desire to give relevant contributions and to improve his skills.

BIG DIVE Seventh edition

Completed by Luca Barbati on July 13th, 2018
4 full-time weeks

/ Connecting data analysis with digital humanities by Oohmm
/ Data Visualization with D3.js by TODO
/ Crash course in Python for Data Science by TOP-IX
/ Data ingestion with MongoDB by Axant
/ Spark Streaming by Agile Lab
/ Agent-based modeling and synthetic populations by GCF
/ Data extraction VS participated data by HER
/ Data matching and deduplication by Oval Money
/ Data Visualization and Business Intelligence by Knowage
/ Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Computer Vision by ISI
/ Voice Recognition in DeepSpeech by Mozilla
/ GIS world, geospatial protocols and OpenStreetMap by FBK
/ Final Project

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