Maurizio Mattioli

I am a sociable, dynamic and willing person, always curious of all around me. I studied art history at the university, but my passion is Information Tecnology, I started to approach it during the years of the great boom of the Internet, and so my passion became my job. I currently have gained a fifteen experience analyzing and design of software solutions to Enterprise level, I am interested to participate in challenging projects, where in practice put my experience and in order to measure myself and overcome new challenges.

BIG DIVE Fifth edition

Completed by Maurizio Mattioli on July 8th, 2016
5 full-time weeks

/ Week1: visualization WORKSHOP on D3.JS
/ Week2: statistics essentials + data storage (MongoDB) + Data Analysis (mapreduce, scientific Python, Spark)
/ Week3: machine learning (Scikit Learn)
/ Week4: network science (NetworkX)
/ Week5: final project based on data-providers dataset