08 Feb, 2019

“Brainstorming on what Artificial Intelligence is and how to master it” by Vastalla

08 Feb, 2019

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere: brainstorming on what AI is and how to master it

Speaker: Stefano T. Chiadò —  Vastalla

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Almost every startup doing financing rounds claims to be built on strong AI foundations.
But is it really so? Do we all agree on what Artificial Intelligence is? What is the state of the art in AI? What is its supposed long term evolution?

During the talk we will explore if you are a Padawan, a Knight or a Master in practicing AI. We will also brainstorm about the importance to gain the level required for the desired results. We will talk about efficiency and the importance of not reinventing the wheel making use of what is available on the market (i.e. AWS tools, Google code, etc.)

Prerequisites: common sense and open mind.

#AI #ML #brainstorming #AWS