07 Apr, 2018

“Data Citizenship and NetScience: technology for data-culture” by HER

07 Apr, 2018

Data Citizenship and NetScience: technology for data-culture

Teachers: Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico — Human Ecosystems Relazioni

We constantly generate data, whether we realize it or not, whether we want it or not, and a very limited number of subjects has access to all of this data. This is a very serious condition, with enormous implications for our fundamental rights and freedoms, and for our opportunities to prosper, create, express, relate and live a just, inclusive, constructive life.

In this session we explore technologies for cultural acceleration through data: Human Ecosystems to create large scale, participatory data collection processes; Ubiquitous Commons for distributed, blockchain supported data-rights and evolved data-ownership patterns; Generative Open Data as accessibility layer for shared data commons.

This is a hands on session in which profound theoretical concepts emerge from technological architectures themselves and through the ways in which we will use them. It will be mainly focused on Network Science and the ways in which we can use it to gain better understandings of the city’s Relational Ecosystem between people, organizations, network connected objects, sensors and more.

We will see and understand how to use the platforms, and explore a practical case study: Bologna’s TDays, the limited traffic week-ends in the historical center of Bologna. We will figure out together how possible ways in which to transform them into a data-driven, inclusive, engaging opportunity for participatory citizenship, by using the platforms, social networks, art and design.

Duration: 1 day.

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with databases, to browse and export data from them, Python and/or JavaScript.

#networkscience #socialscience #territory #city #citizenship