04 Feb, 2019

“Data Analysis with Spark Streaming” by Agile Lab

Data Analysis with Spark Streaming by Agile Lab
04 Feb, 2019

Data Analysis with Spark Streaming

Teacher: Nicolò Bidotti — AgileLab

Big Data analysis is a hot trend and one of its major roles is to give new value to enterprise data. However data and information lose value as they become old, so it is important in a lot of contexts to do near real-time analysis of incoming data flows. Apache Spark is a major actor in the big data scenario and with its Streaming module aims to solve the main challenges in real-time data processing at scale in distributed environments.

This session aims to show the potential of streaming data analysis and how to leverage on Apache Spark with Structured Streaming to extract value from it without taking care of common problems of streaming processing at scale already solved by Apache Spark.

Prerequisites: Python.

#bigdata #dataengineering #dataframework #apachespark