03 Feb, 2019

“Understanding NLP universe and the I-REACT project” by CELI

03 Feb, 2019

Understanding NLP universe and the I-REACT project

Teacher: Francesco Tarasconi — CELI

NLP lecture on the relations between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the mission of understanding natural language. Unstructured data as a potential asset, but also as a great challenge. Success in reaching state-of-the-art performance does not automatically translate into success in real-world problems. Overview of distributional methods and word embedding. Recent trends and breakthroughs in language modeling, with a focus on its practical applications.

Case study: I-REACT – Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies.
I-REACT is an innovation project funded by the European Commission. The proposed system targets public administration authorities, private companies, as well as citizens in order to provide increased resilience to natural disasters, effective and fast emergency response, increased awareness and citizen engagement.
CELI leads two specific tasks: “Linked Data and Semantic structure” and “Social Media Data Engine”.

Prerequisites: Python

#datascience #NLP #python #pytorch