BIG DIVE reaches its 8th edition!

BIG DIVE is improving every year: learning from past experiences, carefully integrating past alumni feedback and staying always up to date on the latest innovations and topics.
This is the reason why, beyond keep offering great teaching contents and top-class lectures from the most valuable experts, transferable for any discipline, we have also chosen to focus on one of the most crucial topic of our time.

Data from space to Earth

The present challenges, from climate change to sustainability, from fighting poverty to improving the quality of life, raise the importance to monitor our planet Earth from any point of view, including from space with satellite images.
For this reasons we decided to partner with successful companies in the field that already got a glimpse of the potential in using Data Engineering, Network Science, Machine and Deep Learning to leverage the data acquired from instruments and sensors in order to come up with new insights and to improve existing solutions or to create new ones aimed at preserving our planet, being reactive in case of emergencies and optimising resources consumptions.

Furthermore, the above studies have also many industrial applications, such as mobility, real estate and agriculture.

A complete data science program

BIG DIVE 8 will cover:

  • Advanced programming skills
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine and Deep Learning
  • Network Science
  • Data Visualization

Real cases that prepare you to work with data

The highest value is that you learn through hands-on real cases, this means you can get insights from data-driven companies and research institutions on how they managed, analyzed and inferred on their own data and you have the possibility to apply and play with their methodologies asking directly to data scientists, researchers and developers.

This is a unique opportunity that you can’t get anywhere else!

Click on the boxes below for a preview of the program:

During the four weeks of the BIG DIVE 8 the lessons and activities took place from Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Additional time was reserved for special lectures, exercises and “homeworks”.

The last week of the course was dedicated to a final project.

Application process

Here’s a timeline of what happened:

February 25
BIG DIVE 8 – Registrations opening
April 7 Early-bird expiring
June 2 BIG DIVE 8 – Registration closing
From June 17 to July 12 BIG DIVE 8
July 12 BIG DIVE 8 closing event


► ► ► The applications are now closed, please contact us for a last-minute enrollment at

The application process started with a self-evaluation of the prerequisites (mostly related to your programming skills and Maths background) needed to access and fully enjoy the course. The course is offered in English, that’s why a fluent English is included in the prerequisites. Optional skills were taken in consideration to create a balanced classroom. You can download here a preview of the questions and requirements of the official application form.

In the form you can tell us more about you, your previous experiences and why we should choose you. We strongly encourage you to make a short video to stand out among the other candidates!

When you finally press ‘send’ it comes the waiting part. After two weeks from registrations opening our team started screening the received applications. Candidates might be contacted by the organizers and asked to provide more information about skills or to attend an interview (in person or using a remote audio-video communication tool).

The selection process continued till the official registration closure in order to create progressively a class of maximum 20 Divers.

Applicants selected before the official end of registration were asked to pay a deposit (20% of the total due fee – according to the profile). In case of missing deposit (deadline is one week after the request) the candidate lose the priority in the selection queue.

In case a selected candidate renounces to participate, a new Diver is selected.

The deposit is not refunded in case of waiver communicated after May 19.

All the news about selection, exclusion and deposit request are communicated by email through the email address inserted in the application form.

We understand the need to organise your working schedule and Summer activities in advance, so we do our best to get back to you with the final response as soon as possible.


The price includes
The price does not include
  • Access to all the lessons
  • Access to all teaching materials
  • Access to alumni network
  • Access to all special events
  • Solid employment opportunities
  • BIG DIVE gadgets
  • Accommodation
  • Food and meals
  • Local transportation
  • Travel expenses


The price differs based on the category you fit in:

With proof of full-time student status at the time of application (Phd Students are also eligible for this profile) With proof of full-time / part-time employment at a non-profit organization at the time of application If you are not eligible for Student or non-profit profiles

Early Price (till Apr 7)
€750 *

Early Price (till Apr 7)
€1,000 *

Early Price (till Apr 7)
€1,250 *

Full Price (till June 2)
€950 *

Full Price (till June 2)

Full Price (till June 2)

(*) if you are eligible for VAT deduction (generally speaking, if you have a VAT Number), above prices will not include VAT.


► ► ► The applications are now closed, please contact us for a last-minute enrollment at


  • The deposit is not refunded in case of waiver communicated after May 19.
  • We do not refund unused portion of the training. However, refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis.

A pleasure not only for the mind…

The venue for the course is a recently renovated space in a beautiful historical building in the center of Turin close to the river.

Turin is one hour from the Alps and two hours from the seaside.

By train you can easily traveling among Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice to celebrate after (or during) the BIG DIVE 8 with your classmates!

Organizer and partners

BIG DIVE 8 is organized by:

TOP-IX Consortium

In collaboration with:

AXANT    ISI Foundation & ISI Global Science Foundation   TODO Creative Agency

Data sponsors:

 ALTEC – Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company   ESA European Space Agency      INRIM Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica

Technical partner:

Sentinel HUBby Sinergise

With the patronage of:

Università di Torino | Dipartimento di Informatica

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A copy of your University ID card or any certificate proving you are a student at the time of application. You can send it at after you filled up the form online.

Must-have requirements to be admitted are:

[1] Background in Descriptive Statistics (mean, median and mode, standard deviation,…).
[2] Python fundamentals (syntax, control flow, functions,…).
[3] Command line basic experience.
[4] Basics of database management.
[5] Git version control system (a personal account on GitHub is required).
[6] As BIG DIVE will be taught in English, proper conversation and writing skills are required.

Please write us to for any clarifications.

You video is strongly suggested for selection purposes,  the letters of recommendation are not mandatory.

We encourage you do add them to your application to get know you and your motivation better and better evaluate your profile.

The course is designed to be fully-attended in Turin, Italy.

During the first three weeks you’ll focus on studying real cases and tutorials, while in the final week you’ll be part of a group to develop the final data science dedicated to a project.

Yes, at the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate of attendance if you take part at more than 85% of the lesson and complete the final project with your group.

Yes, you can download a courtesy application form in PDF on this link.

It includes the full list of question and requirements.

Yes, from this link you can download a PDF of BIG DIVE 8’s pamphlet.

It can be useful to be shown to different department in you organization.